A New Escape Room Is Denvers First With an Immersive Food and Drink Experience | Denver Dining

You can try Solutions Lounge & Restaurant’s cheese-centric plates and seven escape room-inspired cocktails seven days a week.

Source: www.foodandwine.com

One place I have been hearing about lately is a place called Solutions Lounge and Restaurant.

Solutions Lounge looks like a pretty good time if you are looking for something with a theme for a restaurant.  Restaurants with unique themes are becoming a thing in Denver.  Solutions is located near the Mercury Cafe, on California St, in a 6000 square foot location with a steampunk vibe.  The escape rooms seem to be the thing with different adventures.  The food looks pretty solid too.  Seems like you pay to “escape” your specific challenge.  I see their menu has a lot of cheesry goodness, which is good enough for me.  Add this to a must try in Denver soon.


I also prefer the old school vibe for happy hour food.  Some of my favorites are still Charlie Brown’s and the Green Russell.  I still will have to give Solutions a try.


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