The 7 Best Poutines in the Mile High City | Colorado Foodie

“Because everything is better with a hot plate of gravy-drenched, cheese-curd-dotted Québécois fries.”


Denver had poutine places now?  Poutine gravy and cheese curds!  Love the stuff.  Poutine is rich brown gravy, slathered all over a plate of french fries and cheese curds.  It is a nice blend for something hearty to eat.  Yes, it is usually beef gravy but there is no meat on the dish traditionally.  I did make a poutine with some added beef short ribs one time and it was out of this world.  I also had one with tater tots that might have been the best poutine ever.  But…I still enjoy a traditional Canadian style poutine if it is done right. Mad props – aside from maple syrup, Jim Carrey and Swedish Fish, Canada gave us poutine.  Denver seems to be catching on – finally.


What’s your favorite poutine creation?  

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