Salt Lake City and Actor Ty Burrell Develop ‘Tip Your Server’ Relief Plan for Food and Beverage Industry

SALT LAKE CITY – Relief will soon be on the way for some employees in Salt Lake City’s deeply impacted food and beverage industry. With continued uncertainty due to this week’s earthquake and the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, local restaurateur/bar owner Ty Burrell, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and the Downtown Alliance announced […]


Why Emergency Funds Are so Essential to the Restaurant Industry, and How You Can Help

The hospitality industry is really hurting from restaurant & bar closures due to the pandemic.  They need our help more than ever.

Regional efforts have popped up as well to help support local restaurants.

If you’re wanting to see more creative initiatives that restaurants are taking to feed the community and keep their doors from closing, check out this article


National relief efforts are in place to help restaurants all around the US. One Fair Wage is working to give sub-minimum wage employees no-strings-attached cash assistance, with a goal of $213,000, since the federal tipped minimum wage is still $2.13 an hour. 

Toast has launched Rally for Restaurants, a campaign to help restaurants through this unprecedented time with the purchase of gift cards. This essentially is a micro-loan to your favorite eatery, and a promise that you’ll dine in as soon as you’re able to. Plus, Toast is donating $1 to organizations that are supporting the restaurant community for every gift card purchase shared on social media. 

CORE Gives grants support to children of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances. 

United Way offers a 211 call service and encourages folks to reach out if they are unable to pay critical bills, access childcare, or other essential needs.

Chicago Hospitality United has launched a line of merchandise where all proceeds go to hospitality workers around the city. 

Behind You, a Boston-based program, is taking donations for hospitality workers in need on Boston’s North Shore. 

Rethink Food will provide 30 New York restaurants with $40,000 to change their operation model into a food distribution center.

Hook Hall Helps is working with Washington, D.C. Costco stores to fill open roles with restaurant workers that are out of work. They are also distributing care kits and family meals daily for industry workers in Washington D.C., and have implemented the Worker’s Relief Fund in partnership with Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington to receive donations to support industry worker relief measures. 

9 in 10 restaurants have fewer than 50 employees, meaning they don’t qualify for certain government assistance loans and bail-outs. It’s such an important time to rally behind the restaurants that love and serve your community and this country. If you’re looking for other helpful restaurant-related guidance for navigating the COVID-19 outbreak, check out this resource.


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